BHD LAB. Is inviting talented PhD Researcher

Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology(DGIST), Emerging Material Science, Bio-harmonized Device LAB is now recruiting for a post-doctoral researcher position.

The researches of the Bio-harmonized Device LAB focuses on extremely light, flexible and bio-compatible devices as well as sensors that can monitor bio-information without our recognition. We belong to the national research project ERC (Engineering Research Center) and Bic-spin center. These collaborations are expected to promote sustainable growth.

The applicant should hold a PhD degree in the following fields:
- Materials Science & Engineering
- Electrical Engineering (wireless communication)
- Chemical Engineering
- Any related fields
Excellent publication record in each field is preferred.

Required documents for supporting is ‘Personal Statement (CV)’, ‘Research Proposal according to our research field’, ’Evidence of research achievements (papers, patent, etc.)’.

If you are interested Please submit these documents via E-mail as a single PDF file to Thank you for your interest.

For more details about our research and publication please check our homepage.

Bio-harmonized Device LAB.