Our researches

About - Our lab. is focusing on extremely light, flexible and bio-compatible devices and sensors that can monitor bio-information without our recognition.
Ultra-flexible, sweat permeable devices for E-skin electronics & wearable devices are our current interested research in order to minimize the uncomfortableness during the long term health monitoring.


Our lab, can fabricate ultrathin devices, utilizing few micron-thick devices. It is lighter than feather and can be freely deformed without electrical failure due to their thinness. This unique technique is very compatible with skin electronics or implantable electronics and since it does not cause uncomfortable feeling to the users.


Combination of stretchable conductor and textile can make smart wearable devices such as strain sensor, bio-electrode and interconnection between E-skin sensors and measurement devices. Conductive, adhesive & printable ink is very promising material for realizing wearable smart devices.


In order to increase bio-compatibility of electronics, gas & liquid permeation is very important either on skin or implantable devices. Very recently we developed breathable electronics utilizing nanofiber substrate. As a result, sweat & oxygen or bio liquid circulation does not hindered during long term measurement for many applications.